The Upper Susitna Shooters offers shooting ranges of 25, 50, 100, 200 and 1000 yards. Ranges are available for use during normal operating hours. They are also available for rent to groups and organizations.


Fee Schedule for Upper Susitna Shooters 2018

Lifetime memberships:

Senior (65+) $300
Regular (41-65) $500

Regular Memberships:

Regular $40
Junior (under 18, non-voting) $20
Senior (+65) $30
Family membership $70
L.E. Agency $200
(Agency will need to provide I.D. or a list of qualified users)

Daily range fees:

Adult members $5
Junior members $2.50
Adult non-members $10
Junior non-members $5
1000 yd $10 members/$20 non-members


Range Rental Fees:

This is a fee for private, corporate or agency use. No limit on the amount of shooters. Range rental must be coordinated within 14 days of the event and have Chief Range Safety officer approval.

Range Rental during normal business hours.

25yd range- $100/day
50 yd range- $150/day
100 yards $200 per day
200 yards $240 per day
1000 yards $300 per day


Range Rental not during normal business hours.
All ranges will incur an extra cost of $50 above the base price to provide a USSA RSO. This fee may be waived if the organization provides their own USSA RSO.

Range Rental for events open to participation by the public:
If an event is open to the public, the organization holding the event will collect range fees for each individual shooter equal to the normal daily range fees that would be charged to those individuals. Events not during normal range hours will need a USSA approved RSO present for the entire event.

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