Upper Susitna Shooters Association

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USSA Front Gate

Welcome- Please note that webpage changes are coming in the future. We hope to have a better, more interactive website within a few months.

Also please note that the range will only be open Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday starting October 11th, 2014 due to lack of volunteers to run the range.   As we grow we will have more RSO classes to grow our pool of volunteers to manage the range.

The Upper Susitna Shooters Association is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization in the Matanuska­Susitna  Borough dedicated to education, safety and the promotion of shooting and archery. Facilities are available to the general public for a fee of $10.00 per person and to Members for $5.00.

Hours of operation are dependent on the availability of our Volunteer Range Safety Officers and weather conditions.  Check our Schedule online for hours.  If you would like to utilize the facilities at another time than one listed, please contact us to make arrangements.